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In This Week . . .
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Firearms Update . . .
Ammo Update . . .
11/25: Kel-Tec PMR-30, Pistol, .22wmr
                SDS 1911, Pistol, .45acp
                Ruger EC9s, Pistol, 9mm
                Taurus G2c, Pistol, 9mm
                Henry Frontier, Rifle, .22 LR
11/19: Ruger Wrangler, Revolver, .22 LR
                Deyra Arms VR-80, Shotgun, 12ga
                Winchester SXP Waterfowl, Shotgun, 12ga
11/15: Hi-Point 995, Rifle, 9mm
11/15: Federal Non-Typical .270win 130gr
                PPU Soft-Point .270win 130gr
11/12: Armscor .22 TCM 40gr
11/4: Winchester Wildcat .22 LR 36gr
             Federal Game-Shok 410ga No. 5
10/22: Federal Game-Load 12ga No. 7.5
                Federal Game-Load 12ga No. 6
                Magtech FMJ 9mm 115gr
                CCI Game-Point .17 HMR 20gr
Fishing Update . . .
Sporting Goods Update . . .
8/8: Danielson Slip Cast Float 1 inch
          Danielson Slip Cast Float 2 inch
7/18: Eagle Claw Snelled Hooks Size 4
             Eagle Claw Loose Hooks Size 6
             Danielson Split-Shot Size 7
             Danielson Split-Shot Size 5
              Danielson Egg Sinker Size 1/4 oz
              Danielson Egg Sinker Size 1/2 oz
              Krocodile Hammered Brass/Fire Stripe Size 3/16 oz
11/25: Tasco World Class 3-9x40mm Riflescope
11/15: ASC AR-15 Magazine 7.62x39mm 30rd
                Magpul Ladder Rail Protector
10/21: RG Bullco Leather Work Belts
                RG Bullco Leather Wallets
10/18: Vortex Crossfire 10x42 Binocular
                Vortex StrikFire II Red Scope AR-15
                Vortex Hunter 1 Inch Scope Rings
                Vortex Hunter 30mm Scope Rings